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CustomerTrack - the Industry Standard Platform

The CustomerTrack Platform is a proven high ROI marketing resource trusted and executed on a no-commitment basis by hundreds of dealerships nationwide. We currently score an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and meet all guidelines set forth by the three major credit bureaus, the FCRA and several national auto lenders.

YourHotLeads.com has assisted dealers nationwide exceed sales quotas with our exclusive auto leads facilitated on our Customer Track Platform. We've delivered millions of fresh auto sales leads to dealerships like yours throughout the country for over 14 years. Our unique relationship with America's top credit bureaus is your pipeline to the highest quality vehicle leads from your most valuable demographics.

The C.T. Platform boasts a solid infrastructure, built from the ground up by veteran car dealers.  We are the only company in the industry to own all elements (from call centers to print house) of our program to provide this seamless, highly effective auto marketing platform.

Be Part of Our Profitable Dealers from Around the U.S.
We are pleased to introduce you to our innovative and proven prospecting solutions and dealer marketing programs. Programs that leverage the growing cost benefits of targeted marketing over conventional advertising. We produce the industry's leading, exclusive, qualified applications for today's modern dealer. We have developed a marketing platform that assures every penny is directed at consumers in your market who are going to buy within the next few days.
Professional, Experienced Personnel.
Every account manager that is responsible for assisting you in implementing our auto leads on the Customer Track Platform has been a successful sales or finance manager or a dealer principle. We invite you to review our program. One of our several knowledgeable account managers can follow-up with you and answer any questions you may have, including how you too can become a successful member dealer.

If you knew everyone that was going to purchase a vehicle in your market within the next 72 hours, how many more vehicles could you sell?
  1.) Targeted Fresh Customers.
  Your Hot Auto Leads has unique agreements to receive information from the top credit bureaus. Everyday the bureaus communicates to YHL.com a record of every individual who gave written permission to have their credit verified for an auto loan at a dealership in your local market.
  2.) Customizable Leads.
  Dealer selects demographics, FICO scores and other criteria that these exclusive, local, leads will be extracted from and also determines how many auto leads they can handle on a daily basis (Monday -Friday)
  3.) Customer Management.
  We provide your dealership with a secured, advanced, online Customer Relations Management tool that will track each and every lead purchased from prospect to completed sale.
  4.) Pre-app Invite.
  Since each region is different, you now have several choices when it comes to our, proven effective, 4-color, custom, pre-approved invitation of credit that are sent out to each auto lead you purchase.
  6.) Contact Prospect.
  Dealer gets in touch with customers via phone, email or text as customers respond to their invitation of credit.  Each mailer has your dealerships contact info and an toll free number, a website and PIN supplied by our platform that links directly one of our company owned call centers.
7.) Schedule Appointment.
When a customer calls one of our proprietary 24/7 Business Development Centers we will schedule an appointment date and time for the customer to come into your dealership. 
  8.) You Meet with the Customer and Sell Them a Vehicle.
  If you deliver a single vehicle every 30-days with most packages, it pays for the entire program for that month. For this reason, we offer one of the highest return on investments in the industry.

CustomerTrack 24/7 Live Call Centers.
Our award winning 24/7 LIVE trained call agents will take the credit application, and set the appointment for you. All you need to do is what you do best, get them financed and delivered. Never miss another sales call or spend your valuable time on the phone chasing down auto leads.

Inbound / Outbound call center is an imperative solution for your auto lead segment. They provide a plethora of benefits for your company. You will likely increase customer traffic and bottom line sales; because the call centers have expertise in taking customer applications and setting appointments at any time day or night. We currently boast an average 92% success rate in setting customer appointments and follow-up.

B.D.C. Business Development Center.  
Never miss another sales call or spend your valuable time on the phone chasing down customers. We'll do it for you. Leaving you more time to sell more vehicles. We suggest you call some of our references before calling us and ask them how our unique program has helped them increase their sales volume.  
Mail and Sort Facility.  
We believe our clients deserve only the highest quality materials and services. We are dedicated to providing you with the tools required to contact your fresh prospects from Customer Track. We want you to be delighted with our printing and our expert service! If for any reason you aren't fully satisfied with your printed piece, we will reprint it. You can feel confident with our A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.  
Print and Graphics Design House.
Our group of designers, art directors, visualizers and copy editors are standing by to help you develop professional marketing communications, ranging from direct mail to custom shell for our auto leads. Our solutions are customized to meet your needs, high quality to meet your marketing objectives and yet affordable.

Auto Leads Monthly Dealer Packages.

For as little as $2.99 per lead… We offer the best marketing return on investment in the automobile business today, period!

Auto Leads
4 to 5% response = 68 apps
25% close ratio = 17 SALES
@ gross average 2,500 = $42,500
Initial Investment = $4,695
*Net Profit

Auto Leads
4 to 5% response = 136 apps
25% close ratio = 34 SALES
@ gross average 2,500 = $85,000
Initial Investment = $8,940
*Net Profit

Auto Leads
4 to 5% response = 225 apps
25% close ratio = 56 SALES
@ gross average 2,500 = $140,000
Initial Investment = $13,950
*Net Profit

Pricing Packages May Include Following:
-  Custom Pieces Mailed to Each Lead. -  Business Development Center.
-  Online CRM Tool to Manage Leads. - Specialized Account Manager Support
-  LIVE Call Center Agents Available 24/7. -  Automatic Email Marketing Append.**
-  Secured Online Credit Application. - Weekly Discharged Bankruptcies.**
No one helps you deliver more for less. Contact an account manager for more information today at 1-800-944-0213!

*Average based on 2013 dealer feedback. **With the free 300 Promo

Success from Hundreds of Auto Dealerships Around the U.S.
    If your auto dealership is not taking advantage of the Customer Track Platform's auto sales leads, you are handing over real local, pre-qualified customers to other dealers in your area! We advertise to the right people, at the right time, with the right message at the best price, with no long term commitment.
Still Not Convinced? Testimonials from Member Dealers.
  "My first 60 days I delivered 22 vehicles as a direct result of the Auto Leads from the Customer Track Platform."
- Joshua Medisch 320-443-6567 Kia of St Cloud
  "I love Customer Track! They get me car buyers every single month. This program pays for itself time and time again!"
- Jim Rice 734-207-7444  Champion Chevrolet
  "This is the best marketing program I've seen after 23 years of being in the business."
- Johnny Nielsen 616-813-6060 Randy Merren Auto Sales
  "I love Customer Track's program, they give me customers that I can deliver! 26 last month just from this program alone."
-Jay Marsack 616-862-9689 Cole Nissan

A Special Note from the Director of Operations.  
    Today you have to invest your ad dollars more wisely than ever. Make sure that every dollar you spend goes to a customer who is guaranteed to be in the market and actively shopping your competition. Be the dealer to gain more market share. Be the aggressive dealer, make more money, and do it easily with auto leads from YourHotLeads.com and the Customer Track Platform.

Please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable account managers if you have any questions at: 1-800-944-0213.
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• 500 Auto Leads Referral • Our References  
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