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Elite Call Center

Not only does our call center generate new clients, it assists existing ones. We take applications, set appointments, and conduct follow-up calls on missed appointments. Our calls are recorded and cataloged for both security and training purposes to assure our methods are always being improved upon. Our live operators have a high success rate and provides a more effective solution than any IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.

About Our Call Center
What Sets Our Call Center Apart?


Elite successfully processes thousands of interactions a year for hundreds of dealerships in the auto industry.


The Elite architecture is designed with firewalls, intrusion prevention, and a vulnerability management system to protect your data.


Our subscription model allows you to pay only for the agents you need, when you need them, on a per job basis, and with no annual contracts required.


Elite was created with the business user in mind. It is easy enough for anyone at any technology level to use.


Our customers consistently tell us that the speed and ease of our deployments make us stand out from the competition.


Elite only focuses and trains to get customers into a dealership. Whether you are a large or small dealership.





Our 6 Key Features
Included In Every Marketing Package

Always Open

We take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days a year (including holidays).

Recorded Calls

For FCRA compliance, all calls are monitored and archived for quality assurance.

Out Going BDC Agents

We follow-up on any missed appointments up to 3 times. Just let us know with a click of a simple button in our CRM.

Easily Track Apps

You and your clients will both receive messages from our Customer Relations Management tool for follow-ups.

Secured Dashboard

We provide the consumer with access to apply securely online in a user friendly format sent instantly to you.

Live Operators

We provide a more cost effective solution than any other outdated IVR system you may currently be using. 

Customer Relations Management

A complete CRM solution that automates your core sales, customer service and marketing processes, with a focus on the individual. Users get powerful functionality they will actually want to use, driving higher adoption and greater business insights.


My Fresh Prospects Cloud CRM
Providing a simplistic, individualized CRM user experience that is immersive, engaging and intuitive

A CRM that automates your core marketing processes.

Events and Tasks

Quickly add tasks, deadlines or events and receive reminders to your email on each of them.

Real-Time Texts

Communicate with all applicants via mobile texts from your desktop or from your smart-phone.

Personalized Messages

Send engaging messages that can be batched to every entry in your campaigns.

PDF Labels and Letters

Market to your prospects with fields that dynamically place each entry into the appropriate letter or label.

Event Calendar

Get an overview of your past and present reminders, appointments and events in a 30-day format.

Auto Responders

Send automatic email responses with relevant info on , purchase completion and appointment reminders.

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