About Us

Hot Leads Marketing Platform is a proven high ROI marketing resource trusted and executed on a no-commitment basis by hundreds of dealerships nationwide.

What's included?

  • Live Agent Call Center 24/7/365
  • We Sell Exclusive Leads
  • State of the Art Personal CRM
  • 4-Color Custom Mail Pieces
  • Outgoing BDC for Follow-up
  • Applicant Texting and Email
  • Pre-Qualified Customers
  • Exclusive Lead Rights
  • Personalized Dealer Credit Websites
  • No Contracts
  • Records Generated Daily
  • Toll Free Number

Managers 1,500 Auto Leads!

What are we giving away at no charge?

1,500 serious car buyers who meet your criteria. We connect you within 24-hours of them being in a car dealership.

How is this possible?

Hot Leads is the largest lead provider in the U.S., with millions of leads delivered to hundreds of dealerships for over a decade. We are so confident you will love our lead marketing packages, we are willing to provide 1,500 customers at no cost to your dealership.

Who is Eligible?

No purchase necessary. A brief overview of our marketing platform by an account manager is required. Call for fill contest rules and details. Applicants must have managerial signing authority in order to qualifiy.