On-Target Leads A New Way to Buyers. Success. Sales.

On-Target Leads are prime customers whose auto loan has matured within 12-24 months of completion, an open auto loan with a minimum of $250 payment, no multiple repo and scored between 550-700.
These customers are prime candidates for a new vehicle.

All Leads Come with Our Proprietary Services


Elite Call Center
Never miss another sales call or spend your valuable time on the phone chasing down customers. We'll do it for you. Leaving you more time to sell more vehicles.

Mail and Sort Facility
We own a full service mail house offering a wide range of direct mailing and printing services, from data processing computerized list selection to inserting and folding machines.

Print Design Studio, Inc
Our group of designers, art directors, visualizers and copy editors are standing by to help you develop professional marketing communications, ranging from direct mail to custom shell.

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