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The Ultimate BK Marketing Program includes:

  1. We track the customer when they file for bankruptcy through filing at time of discharge.

  2. We provide you with an easy-to-use Online tracking C.R.M. that allows you to apply for a loan at each step.

  3. We provide 24/7 Live Agents to take credit applications and set appointments at the times you specify.

  4. We follow up with the customer from when they apply until they show up at your dealership to buy.

  5. We also run all prospects through an email append, which allows you to email marketing letters to customers.

These Valuable Three Services Are Included Free! Pro-Bono! At No Cost!

Elite Call Center

We take applications, set appointments, and conduct follow-up calls on missed appointments.

Customer Relations Management

We provide an appointment calendar, reminder service, customized letters label printing and email solutions.

Credit App Sites

Our highly encypted sites are dedicated to taking buyers' applications and generating leads.

The On-Target Leads Package

What are on target leads?

OTL's are prime customers whose auto loan has matured within 12-24 months of completion, an open auto loan with a minimum of $250 payment, no multiple repo and scored between 550-700.

hot leads:

Hot Leads is the largest lead provider in the U.S., with millions of leads delivered to hundreds of dealerships for over a decade. We are so confident you will love our lead marketing packages, we are willing to provide customers at no cost to your dealership.

Packages include:

125 leads every Tuesday, 4 color sealed snap pack mailer, CRM tool to manage leads and track results, allows dealer to email, text & market within the CRM. Live Call center to take applications, set appointments & follow up.

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